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Remember the first time you rode a bike?

The first time you get on a bike, you’re not sure what to do and there seems to be so many things to manage. First there the ability to balance on the bike without falling off, then there are petals to pump and handlebars to use to steer the bike, and the breaks, and the gears that need shifting. It is a lot to take in for someone who has never been on a bike.

There is a long way to go between where you are at that moment and being Lance Armstrong. With work and determination you can get there.

There are a couple of ways you could go about learning how to ride your new bike. One is to just jump on and figure it out as you go. Sure you will crash a lot, might not learn how to really shift the gears or when you are supposed to shift then at all, but eventually you will get some forward movement. You’ll have a lot of scrapes and scratches though and your fair share of bruises.

Take off the training wheels when you're ready

There is another way. It’s probably the way most of us learned how to ride a bike.

We started out with a teacher and possibly some training wheels. As we learn how to perfect balance and coordination, we eventually remove the training wheels and we listen to the coaching from our teacher on how to safely steer and break and shift.

Having someone there to help guide you on your journey to bicycle helps you become an expert in the tool without nearly as many bumps and scrapes.

Learning the Arbortext tool set is like riding a bike. At first it’s a bit shaky, you’re not sure of where you are going or how to properly navigate the tool commands to maximize productivity. You make mistakes along the way, but then you get right back on the bike and go again.

The more you do the more proficient you become and the faster you can hit your objectives. Just like riding a bike, there is more than one way to learn how to use Arbortext.

You could go it alone and learn through trial and error. Fortunately there is also a large and very active user community out there that is willing to help give you pointers along the way. It may take time, but you will eventually get to a level of proficiency. In business we don’t often have the luxury of time for this type of learning. There is a better way.

Most people quickly learn that in order to maximize their use of the tools and to drastically shorten the learning time, they seek out a more formalized training from someone with the expertise to guide them. Good training requires that the instructor guides you through the tool and helps you discover balance and speed through your efforts. They adjust the training based on the needs of the learner offering just the right amount of support just when you need it.

That is how Single-Sourcing Solutions designed our training and mentoring programs, to offer just the right amount of support you need when you need it while getting you to the highest level of productivity in the shortest possible amount for time.

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