There's still some time to get your presentation ideas in. The conference has improved year-over-year since AUGI became PTC/User due in large part to the folks who present and participate. Every year has been better than the last. More people submitted presentations than the year before which was more than the year before that.

The conference has traditionally been the best place to connect with the others in the Arbortext community. If you're worried about travel budgets, submit an abstract anyway. Presenters attend free. Better to have the option later on.

Come and tell us what challenges you had and what you did to solve them. Tell us what goals you had when you started and where you're going next. Please consider sending an abstract. We want to hear your story.

To submit an abstract for 2010, please go to the abstract submission form on the PTC/User member portal (login required). See the writeup about last year's conference.



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