Bob Thomas Tagsmiths

This month's interview on the PubWright podcast is Bob Thomas, from Tagsmiths.

Bob started in SGML/XML in the mid-to-early 90s at Lucent. He transformed from a technical writer to data modeler, DTD writer, legacy data conversion specialist, and stylesheet developer. He discusses with us a bit of his history, gives some advice for people just getting started, and discusses qualities, qualifications, and profile of folks doing these kinds of tasks. He talks many of the tools he's used over the years and what it takes to use them.

Most recently, Bob developed the DTDs at Lucent that, the IBM team freely acknowledges were part of the inspiration for DITA. He created the DITA specialization for Avaya and continues to support it today. He's a technical writer turned programmer; even went back to school to get his CS degree, so he could dig into XSL-FO stylesheet development and DTD design.

Listen to the podcast and hear from a long time part of the the XML/technical publications family.


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