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For more information about how our library science background (and our love of all things metadata) guides the way we catalog information, see the Techcomm and Arbortext Resources page.

Common Questions: Workflow

This week’s topic: Workflow Here are some highlights of Workflow features supported in Windchill: Arbortext Content Manager supports standard workflows as well as sophisticated capabilities for routing change information to the correct process participants. Arbortext Content Manager provides tools to support the creation of processes that are unique or dictated…

Common Questions: Customization

This week’s topic: Customization Last year we discovered that something we think everyone knows about Arbortext is almost totally unknown. It was a weird thing to discover because, for most of us, this “thing” was a major influencer in our decision to become Arbortext customers in the first place. I’m…

Fuel Injection: Creating Dynamic Documents with Arbortext Data Merge

Arbortext Monster Garage, Season 2, Episode 4 In this 30-minute, recorded web session, Brandon Ibach and Liz Fraley explain how Data Merge works in Arbortext. About this session Skill Level: Intermediate Presenter: Brandon Ibach and Liz Fraley, Single-Sourcing Solutions Watch the video Recorded: February 2010

Efficiency is in the Tools

I started off doing mostly XML and XSL development but have started working more in the advisory space—helping companies figure out what they want to do and what they can do. Believe it or not, I often find myself trying to explain to people why they should not pursue a…