Over the years, we've had questions from customers asking about the latest release. What's in it? Should they upgrade? Was my bug fixed? Is the enhancement I requested in there?

It can be hard to convince yourself to read the release notes. After all, it's locked in a PDF. You have to go download it, it doesn't just show up in your mail box. It's painful and we feel the same way.

In answer to that need and thanks to inspiration by a great PTC PLM (Yes, Simon, we mean you!), we've taken steps to answer that pain and make it easy for our customers.

Behold: the Arbortext Release Notes Feed

Point your favorite RSS reader at that URL or bring it up occasionally, and you'll never miss another release. We list the SPRs and new features right there for you to read. I think there's only been one case where we didn't list them all—but the release notes were 200 pages long. That's a lot of SPRs. (A major release like that, you'll want to really dig into it anyway.)


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