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Conference season 2017 started last month and we're on the road! In fact, I'm two conferences down with two more to go.  I love to meet people in person and hear their stories.

The last couple of years I've started to prefer local events and have made it a point of attending STC regional events. These local conferences average 100 people and it gives you a chance to get to know the people who are really dedicated to their careers and to sharing their knowledge with others in their profession. Sure, the big events are great, but nothing beats a local, smaller event to really connect with someone.

Plus, smaller events give me more opportunity to travel around to where many people actually are.

Where to find us this conference season

I'll be at two more conferences this season and have a workshop and several presentations scheduled. If you're going to be at one of them, drop in and say hi!

  • STC Spectrum 2017 - March 26-31 in Rochester, NY: A workshop, a presentation, a progression, a lightning talk and a booth
  • STC Conduit 2017 - March 31-April 1 in Willow Grove, PA: A presentation and a booth
  • STC Summit 2017 - May 7-10 in Oxen Hill, MD: A presentation, a summit+ theater spot, and booth in the exhibit hall
  • AIIP 2017 - May 17-22 in New Orleans, LA: A workshop, a presentation, a lightning talk, and a booth in the exhibit hall

If you're not attending...are you local one?

Even if you're not attending anything during conference season 2017, if you're a local to the DC area or New Orleans and you just want to say HI, drop me a line. We can always meet for breakfast early early or dinner after the main conference activities wrap.

Don't forget to get your TC Dojo level wristband when you see us

We love our metaphors here at Single-Sourcing Solutions. There was the Arbortext Monster Garage and for the last five years we've been expanding quality content in the TC Dojo. We started with just a few types of martial arts but expanded it to include a lot of new faces and cultures with the help of some friends at Adobe.

To expand on the metaphor a little more, we decided to get some wristbands made up to represent the many different levels of knowledge that we all acquire over the years when we treat our careers like professions.

The wristbands are our way of marking those levels (instead of the traditional belts). The wrist bands debuted at STC Summit last year.

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