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Today we're excited to announce the launch of the Single-Sourcing Solutions Advisory Line. The Advisory Line is designed to help resolve issues for customers who are facing tight time lines or who may have limited resources.

We wanted to provide our customers with a scalable solution that would fit their needs on demand. We think that the Advisory Line is the best way to provide just the right amount of support for customers right when they need it.

Think of it as mini-consulting.

The service is easy to use. Anyone can use the service.

The service covers a broad array of topics and tools. We've leveraged the knowledge of our staff and combined it with with experts from nearly every PTC product to provide a comprehensive resource all in one place.

Here is a list of some of the topics our expert advisors can help you with:

  • Arbortext
  • Arbortext for Aerospace and Defense, Milspec authoring and publishing
  • Arbortext Content Manager & Windchill integration
  • Antenna House
  • DITA authoring, legacy data conversion, best practices
  • XSL, XSL-FO, XQuery, and other XML Processing Technology

Personally, I am excited to be able to expand our services this way. Our customers are in the SMB market space. As such, they often lack the resources and the budget required for larger consulting projects. The Advisory Line is a great way to give you the support you need to get through.

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