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Recorded: July, 2014

Using workspaces in Arbortext Content Manager (or Windchill) can be a bit confusing.

How do you keep it clean? When should you create one? How long should you keep a workspace? How do you know which one to use (if you have several)?

And, hey, while we're at it, why might you have several?  What is a workspace for anyway? What does it mean?

In this session we're going to talk about workspaces in Arbortext Content Manager and Windchill: How to use them effectively and what the best practices are for managing them.

About the Visiting Dojo Expert

Keir Pritchard has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manitoba and is certified to CMII-P (Professional) and CMII-S (Software) Configuration Management by the Institute for Configuration Management.

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