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Juniper Networks has focused on an topic-based documentation and publishing approach for their product documentation for the past 5+ years. Come explore their journey as they began as a vision for "operation efficiency" by migrating from Frame Maker to xml, to a vision that offers a "business value proposition" with topics by offering services to customers to create dynamic content. This presentation will provide an opportunity to learn about our experiences and give you some valuable tips on how to leverage a topic-based approach.

About the Presenter

Rajal Shah is the Director of Document Engineering in the Foundation Technologies group at Juniper Networks. FT is the corporate R&D Group at Juniper Networks. His group is responsible for facilitating and promoting a unified documentation and publishing approach across all five business groups at Juniper.

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Recorded: October 2009

Key concepts

case study, community, multichannel (omnichannel) publishing, single-sourcing

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