In this web session we will show you how to develop a solution that can deliver faster, high-quality, standards-compliant training and eLearning. Discover how the implementation of a Reusable Content Strategy, using Arbortext and Windchill technology, can help you build training content that allows for:

  • Innovative learning methodology—Role based, tailored to the individual needs, and measurable.
  • Global Coverage—When you want it, where you need it, in the language you prefer
  • Flexibility—Continuous blended material


Presented by: Pushpinder Toor, PTC

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Recorded: July 2010

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Additional Resources

Read the white paper that details how PTC employs its own Arbortext and Windchill software to improve delivery of PTC University learning content materials.

Key concepts

case study, globalization, instructional design, make your business case, training and mentoring

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