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"Return on Investment of a DITA Learning Specialization—A Case Study"

This presentation details the cost savings and additional revenue generation provided to a customer by implementing a DITA-based Learning specialization. It also explains the improvements and expansion of the product offerings to the customer.

This case study includes:

  • A discussion of the initial challenges the customer faced, including how to justify the project costs in these tough economic times
  • How implementing a DITA-based Learning specialization helped them to overcome these challenges and automate a number of prior manual processes providing a faster time to market for their products while saving costs
  • How they were able to supply their consumers with more consistent, accurate and timely information
  • How the DITA architecture has allowed them to keep the printed content and Web content synchronized and expanded their capability to provide additional, more personalized product offerings, thereby increasing their revenue projections

About the Speaker

Scott Youngblom is a co-founder of Oberon Technologies, a leading provider of automated publishing IT solutions based on XML and SGML. With a degree in Communications and Business, Scott has an information technology career spanning over 23 years, with over 13 of them specifically involved with automated publishing solutions. Having started out as a programmer with EDS (Electronic Data Systems) in his early career, Scott has taken his technical background; along with his knowledge of various "best-of-breed" software publishing technologies, and applied them to Fortune 2000 organizations in support of meeting specific business requirements such as increasing company revenue, decreasing expenses to improve company margins, or meeting regulatory compliance and quality standards. Prior to starting Oberon Technologies, Scott worked 12 years at Arbortext (now PTC).

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Recorded: May 2010

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