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Technical Writing is a profession with a bright outlook, and the sun is burning hottest in the open source arena. Remote source control sites like GitHub and BitBucket are new landscapes for technical writers. These sites provide places where you can learn and exercise new skills. They also present a gateway opportunity for finding your next job.

Get an introduction to the open source arena and the tools you'll find there. Learn how open source has changed the writer's authoring environment and how you can leverage what you find to work in new ways.

About the Visiting Dojo Expert

Mary AnthonyMary Anthony has co-founded a company, managed writing teams, developed documentation deployment infrastructure, and designed user interfaces. She has worked for over nine startups in places like New York, California, Texas, and Germany. Her experience includes open source, clinical research, container technologies, security software, business intelligence software, source control software, and system administration.

In her spare time, Mary hikes, runs trails, dances, and studies classical figure drawing. Recently, she completed a 100-mile through-hike on the Allegheny trail and a few passable art pieces.

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Recorded: 6 August 2018

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Mary's Resources

This is a copy of the list on moxiegirl dojotalk.md here: http://bit.ly/dojo-refs All of these references were mentioned during the webinar. Nothing included in this list should be considered an endorsement.

One more resource from us...

  • Check out GitUp - a git client that is not GitHub-specific and has been said to have a great tree visualizer.

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productivity, techcomm tools

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