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If your documentation process is implicated in a customer quality incident (CQI), Congratulations! You have the platform needed to shine a light on the problems you’ve been escalating for years.

In this presentation, Seth Park will argue that errors in documentation are actually symptoms of underlying data flow issues. If you don’t get involved in root-cause analysis, you’ll end up being asked for more reviews and checklists when you really need a more effective method for transferring data amongst teams.

Visiting Dojo Expert

Seth Park is an Information Supply Chain Manager at NXP Semiconductors. He spends his time thinking about how the product development process is a network of information dependencies. He has unified product development and documentation flows, enabling integrated and highly parameterized DITA content. He has developed "DITA as exchange standard" architecture, allowing developers to contribute to customer documentation in a minimally disruptive manner. He defines and leads his organization with innovative data model initiatives that have increased efficiency and accuracy of the entire information supply chain.

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Recorded: 10 Oct 2016

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