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Have you ever felt like your workday is consumed by chores? Have you ever considered taking a vacation day so that you can get some real work done? You're not alone. Most of us inherit a kind of "technical debt" when we start a new role. In this discussion, Seth will confront this reality and provide strategies for how to pay down the technical debt so that you can focus on what matters and invest reclaimed energy into your professional growth.

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1 November @ 9:00 AM Pacific/US

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About the Visiting Dojo Expert

Seth Park began his career as a technical writer who spent nearly all of his time operating software tools and running spell check. He learned early on that the only way to do what you love is to automate the things in your way. This path started with writing simple shell scripts and matured into an approach he calls the Information Supply Chain. Now a data analyst, Seth is applying the same concepts to automate the construction and delivery of marketing effectiveness dashboards

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career, productivity, workflow and process

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