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Writing requirements requires the ability to write clearly, concisely, and succinctly so others can design, develop, and test the product. This session covers 8 characteristics of writing a good requirement, reviews 4 steps to requirements gathering, and concludes with 17 tips for writing good requirements.

Come and learn how to craft a good requirement regardless of waterfall or agile approach. Yes, agile is a bit different, yet requires the same clarity, conciseness, and succinctness.

About the Visiting TC Dojo Expert

Dr. Jackie Damrau is a Sr. Business Systems Analyst at a commercial real estate company in the Digital & Technology Department. She analyzes and models business processes for traditional waterfall projects. In the near future, Jackie’s company is adopting the Agile methodology where writing requirements will be different, yet require the same thought and structure. Jackie has more than 25 years of technical communication experience. She is a Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) and the Book Review Editor for Technical Communication. Jackie enjoys reading and spending time raising her grandchildren. @damrauja.

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Recorded: July 2017

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She included an incredible appendix of resources included in the slides (that she didn't cover in the live session)

Need Some Examples?

We like to talk about the importance of requirements here at Single-Sourcing Solutions. We don't like to waste and we want the best products that fit our needs. That's why we were especially thrilled to get Dr. Damrau to talk about requirements in the TC Dojo.

There were lots of questions at the end of the session, so we thought that we'd provide some links to more articles about requirements gathering, including advice about how it's done, and a few examples of how to make sure you get the right tool for you:

Key Concepts:

best practices, make your business case, workflow and process

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