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Are you considering joining a startup? At Silicon Valley Code Camp 2011, Sean Murphy, CEO at SKMurphy, hosted a panel outlining important tips and issues to consider if you are investing your time in a startup.

This session explored: difference between employees, contractors, alliances, partners and co-owners; defining the key roles in a startup; what partners need from you; how to pitch to a co-founder; joining a global team.

Presented at: Silicon Valley Code Camp 2011, Foothill College Main Campus
Panel: “Will Work For Equity - the World of Startups”

Panel members

Liz Fraley, founder of Single-Sourcing Solutions
Before founding Single-Sourcing Solutions, Liz Fraley worked in both high-tech and government sectors, developing and delivering technical design and strategy of content creation, management, and delivery. Specializing in practical development and deployment, she continually looks for new ways to share information and strengthen the ecosystem of professionals around her.

Carl Ludewig, CEO of Ludewig Multimedia
Carl wants to change the way applications are developed by empowering designers and business users. In a world where the cloud, mobile and desktop need to fit together, Ludewig Multimedia looks to take a holistic approach with the next generation of software design tools. Carl's prior venture was the mobile advertising company Ad Infuse, which was sold to Velti in 2009. Carl is a software engineer and musician who believes that creative talent is the key to success.

Apurva Mehta, founder of RecordBox
RecordBox is a virtual notebook for music students which makes the creation, storage, organization, and annotation of educational recordings easy. Before RecordBox, Apurva worked as a systems engineer in the Cloud Platforms group at Yahoo! in Sunnyvale. He has been programming enthusiastically since his early teens and has only recently taken up the entrepreneurial challenge of transforming products into businesses.

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You can view the rest of the slides from the other panelists at the SKMurphy blog

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