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In this podcast, I interview Regina Roman.  No matter how long you know someone or who you think they are, you always learn something new about them. Regina is a 20-year FrameMaker veteran, but her experience as a technical writer goes even farther back.

A year or so ago, she did her first XML project and, well, as she says, she "never wants to go back." With XML, she feels freed from the formatting handcuffs and extra burdens required by constant manual tasks required by traditional desktop publishing tools. She says she can be a writer again, with XML.  After completing her first project, she asked me, "Why didn't you tell me about this?" -- how much easier it was, how much better it was than DTP.  The funny part is that I did.

I first met Regina over 10 years ago, when I first brought Arbortext & XML to Juniper Networks. At that time, the writers were so scared of the move that the organization decided that the software writers, by far the largest team there, would transition last. It took 8 years to get software transitioned and now, when offered her choice of positions, Regina chooses the XML projects rather than the FrameMaker ones and she encourages her other clients to choose XML as well.

Enjoy the podcast! We sure did...

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