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Celebrating 100 webinars at Single-Sourcing Solutions

SUNNYVALE, CA. - 11 November 2016 - Single-Sourcing Solutions, the creators of the Arbortext Monster Garage and the popular TC Dojo community-driven webinar series, recently celebrated it's 100th webinar on 7 November 2016. With more than 1500 attendees at live sessions and 4000 hours and 36,000 views of webinar recordings, Single-Sourcing Solutions has become a leading source of learning for members of the technical communications industry.

"We've been called a 'resource that works' by leaders in the technical communications community," said Elizabeth Fraley, CEO of Single-Sourcing Solutions. "Because we're responsive to the community and their needs. We deliver what they actually want to learn about and our audience has grown dramatically over the last several years as a result."

Single-Sourcing Solutions has been delivering webinars since 2009. Unlike other consulting and product companies, webinars have always been responsive to community needs.

Their first webinar series, the Arbortext Monster Garage, was launched in 2010. The goal was to highlight interesting projects and capabilities of the Arbortext product line by inviting well-known community members to exhibit their achievements and work. After two seasons, the Arbortext Monster Garage was cancelled in favor of the new TC Dojo webinar series. The TC Dojo was designed to be an online, modified version of TC Camp, the unconference that Single-Sourcing Solutions launched in 2013.

"TC Camp was such a success that the attendees asked us to do it again. Big events are a lot of work and hard to do with any frequency," Fraley said.

Instead, Single-Sourcing Solutions created the TC Dojo. From the start, it was designed as a webinar series that would be driven by the community. The community is responsible for selecting webinar topics by voting in the TC Dojo Survey. Single-Sourcing Solutions is in the planning stage for topic selection for 2017 and paying close attention to the survey results.

Fraley says that the changing priority of topics has been interesting to track over the last six years. "As more community members vote," Fraley says, Their changing needs are reflected in the ranking of the topics at the top of the list. It gives us a unique view into exactly what's happening in the technical communications industry over time."

With the 100th webinar, Single-Sourcing Solutions has authorized two more seasons of the Arbortext Monster Garage webinar series and renewed the TC Dojo through 2018.

About Single-Sourcing Solutions

Single-Sourcing Solutions is reseller of PTC’s Arbortext and Arbortext Content Manager (Windchill) products. With over a decade’s experience with the Arbortext toolset and in the practical development and deployment of mission-critical, custom XML development, Single-Sourcing Solutions has the expertise required for successful dynamic information delivery. Single-Sourcing Solutions is active in the global Arbortext community and related information development communities.

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