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To DITA or Not To DITA? That is the question. DITA isn't the right answer for every situation. DocBook may be older, but there are reasons to use it. In this session we'll discuss the differences between the two doctypes to give you a foundation to decide between them.

JLS_Portrait100x100Janice Summers, Single-Sourcing Solutions, specializes in helping people who’ve only ever used unstructured desktop publishing applications learn structured authoring. She’s been successfully transitioning Word users to XML authoring for the last 15 years and hasn’t lost anyone yet! She's the author of “Arbortext for Authoring: An Author's Guide to Getting Started with Arbortext Editor” (available on Amazon). 

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Recorded: January 2014

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Key Concepts:

content strategy, dita, docbook, multichannel (omnichannel) publishing

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