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New UI, Dynamic Personal Filters, Native Mobile Apps, Way Better HTML5 Layout Editor

Adobe RoboHelp (2015 release) now offers a new degree of usability to both help authors and their users. Use new dynamic content filters to empower users to find relevant content faster. Leverage the new HTML5 layout and contextual search results to enhance the content consumption experience.

Publish content as mobile apps for iOS and Android. Work more productively with a ribbon UI and enhanced search functionality, including bidirectional and multiline searches. Take advantage of a new task-oriented ribbon UI to accomplish more in less time. Customize features like never before to create your very own optimized work environment. Use the new dynamic content filters to create enhanced DUCC output that generates only one set of HTML5 files regardless of the number of expressions used. Easily migrate your current DUCC outputs to new, more efficient ones based on dynamic content filters. And, you can accomplish everything listed above without looking at CSS or XHTML! It’s all icon/menu-driven!

About the Visiting Dojo Expert

Maxwell Hoffmann is Adobe’s Global Product Evangelist for Technical Communications and a former product manager for FrameMaker at Frame Technology. Hoffmann spent nearly 15 years in the translation industry, where he managed or published over 1,000,000 pages of multilingual content in thousands of projects. He has managed projects in DITA, XML as well as authoring tools ranging from Word, InDesign, Quark Express to structured FrameMaker. Hoffmann is based in a virtual Adobe office near Portland, Oregon and has presented face-to-face, hands-on training to over 1,200 people in scalable authoring solutions over several years.

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Recorded: September 2015

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