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Key Concept Archive

For more information about how our library science background (and our love of all things metadata) guides the way we catalog information, see the Techcomm and Arbortext Resources page.

Workshop: Yes you can have it all! Technical accuracy and marketing pizzazz

Learn how a modular approach to content creation, storage, and delivery, gives you a single source of truth for your content and how that source can meet all of your content delivery requirements whether they are technical, marketing, or operational….

DITA Output Doesn't Have to be Ugly

Traditionally, stylized DITA output has been clunky and code-editor driven. But it doesn't have to be that way. See how one tool is taking features from other user experiences and bringing them in to a world that has been neglected….

Publish High-Quality, Print-Ready DITA in less than a day

b Post Summary Everyone says, “Publishing DITA is Hard!” But the truth is you can publish DITA content for ePub and Print output with very little work. The promise that vendors (like us) have been giving for 20 years is…

Making ePub Work

There are lots of tools that can generate an EPUB from various source formats, but often the resulting EPUB doesn't look so hot. Things often get even worse when you view that EPUB with a desktop reader. Using the layout…

Preparing Legacy Help Projects for Responsive Design

Do you have legacy help projects whose content is still valid and that you’d like to make responsive? The latest releases of popular help authoring tools make it easy to make legacy projects responsive with just a few mouse clicks….

Introducing RoboHelp 2015

New UI, Dynamic Personal Filters, Native Mobile Apps, Way Better HTML5 Layout Editor Adobe RoboHelp (2015 release) now offers a new degree of usability to both help authors and their users. Use new dynamic content filters to empower users to…

Fit the most information in the least amount of space

Writing instructions for products you can hold in your hand isn't the same as writing for the software industry. In many cases, you're creating paper documents to fit in small boxes, so page layouts matter. This session addresses the unique…

A Brief Introduction to HTML5

HTML5 and it's supporting technologies, CSS and JavaScript, change how user interfaces are built. We're not going to make you an expert in 30 minutes, but we'll give a look at how the three technologies fit together and take a…