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We offer publicly available, virtual, instructor-led, classes focused on learning Arbortext Styler basics as well as advanced topics like cover design. See our Public Calendar for specific delivery dates.

Learn how a modular approach to content creation, storage, and delivery, gives you a single source of truth for your content and how that source can meet all of your content delivery requirements whether they are technical, marketing, or operational.

In this presentation, we cover the basic principles from the canons of page design. We'll talk about “ugly” complaints, so you know which are tool-related, which are cost-related, and which are truly hard problems.

And then you will take the driver's seat.

Yes, that is correct. You will be the one creating the content and a variety of output formats typically demanded for most of us in technical or marketing communications.

What you will be creating: an eBook with two unique cover designs, HMTL for the corporate website, a FAQ, a product brochure, and a marketing advertising page or splash page. We'll provide the tools and resources but space is limited, so reserve your seat!!

We'll tackle some pretty interesting requirements so come prepared to get your hands dirty! This is an unprecedented workshop and should be EPIC!


Liz Fraley, Single-Sourcing Solutions, is a serial entrepreneur. She's founded two companies, sits on the boards of three non-profits, and is constantly coming up with new ways to share knowledge in the technical communications and content industries. She has worked in high-tech and government sectors, at companies of all different sizes (from startups to huge enterprises). She advocates approaches that directly improve organizational efficiency, productivity, and interoperability. If you ask her, she’ll say she’s happiest when those around her are successful.

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arbortext styler, best practices, dita, html web output, multichannel (omnichannel) publishing, page layout and print publishing

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