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In this presentation, attendees will take a high-level drive through the world of Data Governance from the eyes of a new Data Governance/Privacy Analyst.

We’ll review the Data Governance Lifecycle, the three data content stages (structured-unstructured-semi-structured), the four data classifications.

Learn what is considered personal data that can/is/might be collected about you (some aha’s here that you might want to be aware of), the three states that data lives in, and finally conclude with the ten facets of data governance.

About the Visiting Dojo Expert

Dr. Jackie Damrau, Sr. Data Governance/Privacy Analyst, is a Fellow and the Book Review Editor for Technical Communication with Society for Technical Communication. She also serves on multiple STC committees: elected member of the Nominating Committee (2018-2020) and is the Chair for the 2019-2020 Community Achievement Award and Pacesetters Committee. Jackie is a member of the STC North Texas Lone Star chapter.

Jackie is a Senior Data Governance/Privacy Analyst a global commercial real estate company where she serves as a technical project manager for data governance projects and supports the Global Data Privacy Office initiatives that relate to data governance and privacy.

In her spare time, Jackie enjoys raising her two grandchildren and reading murder mysteries along with other esoteric subjects. Find more about Jackie on LinkedIn (linkedin.com/in/jackiedamrau).

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Recorded: 4 Nov 2019

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