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For more information about how our library science background (and our love of all things metadata) guides the way we catalog information, see the Techcomm and Arbortext Resources page.

Structured and Unstructured Content: Perspectives from a Data Governance/Privacy Analyst

In this presentation, attendees will take a high-level drive through the world of Data Governance from the eyes of a new Data Governance/Privacy Analyst. We’ll review the Data Governance Lifecycle, the three data content stages (structured-unstructured-semi-structured), the four data classifications. Learn what is considered personal data that can/is/might be collected…

Bursting Files for Arbortext-Windchill MIL-STD Doctypes

Arbortext .bcf files necessary for connecting MIL-STD doctypes to Windchill. Group license. Not for general distribution.

Arbortext 201: Configuring Arbortext for MIL-STD Doctypes

Learn the basics for getting Arbortext and Windchill configured for the MIL-STD-38784 doctype. Paperback. ISBN: 978-0-997-6505-6-3

Teaching Martians to make a sandwich–How Technical Writers can improve patient safety

There’s a well-known exercise to experienced technical writers: How do you teach a Martian to make a sandwich. It’s so well known that we talk about it as an exercise in best practices for user experience and modern instructional design. In the last few years, this exercise has become a…

What happens when you skimp on documentation?

In the TC Dojo last week we found out: Your company is at risk of debilitating lawsuits that, in the worst case, can put you out of business. Joe Devney, forensic linguist, editor, non-fiction writer, and previous STC chapter chair shared stories of companies who delivered insufficient, poorly-written documentation or who failed…

Manage your product content like you manage development

Meet compliance and regulatory challenges Medical device manufacturers are facing some very tough challenges today including demand for innovation, complying with strict environmental and regulatory requirements, and shrinking price premiums, not to mention intense competition which demands faster times-to-market. The world’s most respected medical device manufacturers are attacking these problems…

Documentation, Medical Devices, and the FDA

This month the implementation date for MDD directive (2007/47/EC) comes due. There are a number of issues that require action by manufacturers (changes to the Essential Requirements, clearer requirements for clinical evaluation, changes to the QA of third parties) and the Notified Bodies ( higher requirements for auditing Technical Files)….

Dynamic product information delivery systems reduce translation costs

Recently, I was privileged to talk with a customer that implemented Arbortext in 1999: Greg Johnson at Medtronic. Greg heads up what his executives have told him is “the most successful project Medtronic had ever done.”  In this interview, Greg talks about how dynamic information delivery systems can really drive…