This is what we'll cover:

Topic-Based writing: the basics

  • The nature of a topic
  • Topic morphology: title, short description (optionally) and content
  • The importance of conceptual consistency

Topic-Based writing: content creation and management

  • Standing alone versus story telling
  • A theory of content architecture?
  • Relationship to DITA and structured writing
  • Governance

Topic-Based writing: the very near future

  • Feeding chat-bots
  • Molecular content and Information 4.0

Visiting Dojo Master

Rob Gillespie is Senior DITA expert based in Europe. He has worked in several different industries and is in demand for that expertise. He is results orientated with well developed motivational skills and the ability to inspire others to achieve. He is known for his ability to achieve consensus while employing exceptional advocacy skills to promote innovative solutions. But most of all he's a strategic thinker with the ability to identify, diagnose and solve challenges.

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Recorded: October 2017

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Key Concepts:

best practices, dita, multichannel (omnichannel) publishing, single-sourcing, topic based writing

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