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Hiring managers and older candidates often experience frustration that is related to ageism and generational differences.

Andrew Davis, a recruiter of technology industry content developers (Technical Writers, Trainers, and those with related skills), sees these issues first-hand and helps his candidates resolve them.

In this presentation, he’ll identify symptoms, causes, and solutions, all while seeking your input.

About the Visiting Dojo Master

Andrew Davis runs Synergistech Communications. In his background he’s written documentation for Oracle, Borland, Informix, IBM, NET, and others and has done technical marketing writing, journalism, and direct sales. To candidates, he offers forthright skills assessments, resume evaluations, and interview coaching. To hiring managers, he offers quick and accurate results, trenchant perspective, creativity, and pragmatism. To both, he offers empathy, insights, and pragmatic solutions to bridge the divide.

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Recorded: December 2015

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