Changing the default templates in Arbortext Editor [On-Line Event]

In this webinar, I’ll show you how you can change the default templates in Arbortext Editor so they are more representative of the content that you actually write.

In the Arbortext Editor File->New dialog, you get the option to choose a Sample or Template for any doctype. These come out of the box, but can be changed. Custom doctypes can also create these to speed writers on their way.

I’ll explain the difference between them and show you how to change them so they fit your information. This webinar assumes you have followed best practices and set up your custom directory according to Arbortext 101.

Make your workflow process simple! Less work is good for everyone!

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From Open Source Volunteer to Full-Time Tech Writer [On-Line Event]

In this talk, I describe a little bit about what open source software is and how I used my volunteer experience as an Apache Taverna committer to become a technical writer at Facebook. I describe the tangible and intangible skills I gained, as well as how I got noticed when the primary communication channel was a mailing list, and no one knew who I was.

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A Simple Guide to DITA Keys

Are you interested or perhaps already using DITA but find the concept of keys to be mystifying? Or are you afraid that maybe you could get better reuse out of your content if you were able to optimize your key-based content?

In this presentation by IXIASOFT DITA Evangelist Keith Schengili-Roberts (also the host of the popular “DITAWriter” website) draws back the curtain and shows that keys can be understood by mere mortals. He will provide a straightforward guide to how keys work within DITA, and while the presentation will touch briefly on some of more complex things that can be done with keys, the focus of this presentation is on key basics.

In this special TC Dojo webinar, Keith will provide you with a better sense of what keys are, how they work, and what is possible with them.

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