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User experience includes every interaction people have with a company and its products...from opening the box to using the product. When using an app to interact with a product, the visual and written content must work together seamlessly to deliver a simple and delightful experience.

In this presentation, we'll learn how the partnership of technical communication and user interaction improves the user experience. We'll hear two perspectives: a technical writer and an interaction designer at Sonos, creators of the leading whole-home sound system. They'll share how they've successfully collaborated on app content to create a better user experience.

About the Visiting Dojo Experts

Deborah SauerDeborah Sauer is a Principal Writer in the Content Strategy Group/User Experience at Sonos, Inc., creators of the leading whole-home sound system. She is responsible for copy in the Sonos app, online guides, and online Help. Her days are filled with collaborating with user experience designers and developers, refining user interface text, pushing authoring tools to their limits, tinkering in code, managing projects, and, most importantly, making sure the experience comes first.

Sam ParkSam Park is a Senior UX designer in the Platform and Partner team at Sonos, Inc. She is currently responsible for designing an easy and consistent voice control experience on Sonos. Her day-to-day work revolves around solving the challenges of voice control on new hardware/experience while balancing the partner experience and collaborating with fellow UX designers, engineers, project managers, researchers, and representatives from the partners.

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Recorded: 3 February 2020

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Key Concepts:

case study, collaboration, content strategy, usability and user experience

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