Introducing FrameMaker 2015: RTL Publishing, Dynamic Personal Content, Improved UI, Tables & Conditional Text.

Maxwell Hoffmann, Adobe Product Evangelist, will take you on a tour of regular/unstructured document projects in the latest version of FrameMaker, FrameMaker (2015 Release.) You asked for it: new, improved Word import that lets you easily map styles (even table styles) on import and re-use that mapping. Now you can create a “mini-TOC” anywhere in the document. Discover major improvements to tables, including CONDITIONAL COLUMNS and seamless navigation as well as auto-inserted Table Title continuation variables. New color indicators, an intuitive expression builder and friendlier pod make conditional text control a snap. You can even use conditions on the BOOK level (e.g. hide entire chapters). Discover easy layout and language support for RTL Arabic/Hebrew Authoring. You can also mix western languages or CJK content with RTL. Publish personal dynamic content, which allows users to tick filter boxes in your online output to select just the content that they need. Publish standalone, native Apps for iOS and Android. Vastly improved layout editor for HTML5 responsive publishing.

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Originally recorded: 13 July 2015, 9:00-9:30 AM Pacific/US

About The Visiting Dojo Master

Maxwell Hoffmann is Adobe’s Global Product Evangelist for Technical Communications and a former product manager for FrameMaker at Frame Technology. Hoffmann spent nearly 15 years in the translation industry, where he managed or published over 1,000,000 pages of multilingual content in thousands of projects. He has managed projects in DITA, XML as well as authoring tools ranging from Word, InDesign, Quark Express to structured FrameMaker. Hoffmann is based in a virtual Adobe office near Portland, Oregon and has presented face-to-face, hands-on training to over 1,200 people in scalable authoring solutions over several years.

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