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News: Single-Sourcing Solutions celebrates 100th copy of Arbortext 102 sold

SUNNYVALE, CA. – 13 August 2018 – Single-Sourcing Solutions announced today that Arbortext 102 has sold 100 copies. Last year, the new Arbortext Monster Garage book series announced that it had…


News: Single-Sourcing Solutions celebrates 2000 attendees

SUNNYVALE, CA. 13 March 2018 – Single-Sourcing Solutions, the creators of the Arbortext Monster Garage and the popular TC Dojo community-driven webinar series, recently celebrated reaching 2000 webinar attendees on 5 March 2018. The March 5th,…


News: Liz Fraley featured on the Content Content Podcast

SUNNYVALE, CA. – 19 September 2017 – Single-Sourcing Solutions CEO Elizabeth Fraley was recently interviewed by Content Content Podcast host Ed Marsh as part of the monthly podcast series. The Content Content podcast…


News: Single-Sourcing Solutions celebrates 100 Arbortext books sold

SUNNYVALE, CA. – 30 June 2017 – Single-Sourcing Solutions is pleased to announce that the Arbortext Monster Garage imprint has sold over 100 books. This new imprint, launched just last year,…


News: Single-Sourcing Solutions celebrates 100th webinar

SUNNYVALE, CA. – 11 November 2016 – Single-Sourcing Solutions, the creators of the Arbortext Monster Garage and the popular TC Dojo community-driven webinar series, recently celebrated it’s 100th webinar on 7 November 2016….


News: Single-Sourcing Solutions launches Arbortext On Demand Video Channel

SUNNYVALE, CA. – March 31, 2017 – Single-Sourcing Solutions today announced that they have launched a new on-demand video training channel on Vimeo called “Arbortext TC Dojo”. This channel will be…


News: Single-Sourcing Solutions launches TC Dojo Conclave

SUNNYVALE, CA. – November 1, 2016 – Single-Sourcing Solutions announced the launch of the TC Dojo Conclave. This mastermind was designed for technical communications consultants to perfect those soft skills necessary…


News: Arbortext 102 published, first book about Arbortext Styler stylesheets

SUNNYVALE, CA. – October 15, 2016 – Single-Sourcing Solutions CEO, Elizabeth Fraley, published her second book, “Arbortext 102” to promote best practices for new stylesheet developers creating Arbortext Styler Stylesheets. This…