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Video provides technical communicators the edge in communicating complex materials to customers. When given a choice, would most people watch their problem be solved or read about it? At MiTek, our experience strongly suggests that customers want to see how to fix an issue or learn a new software feature.

The MiTek Documentation Team manages an ever-expanding help knowledge base that consists of over 2,500 targeted software training videos that typically range from one to three minutes in length. The site’s primary goal is to assist internal and external customers in answering the question, “How do I…..?.”

About the Visiting TC Dojo Expert

Mark KleinsmithMark Kleinsmith has over 25 years of Technical Communications experience in the software industry, from installing and supporting software applications to writing traditional help systems, training manuals, and creating online video help libraries. Currently, Mark is the Director of Technical Communications for MiTek, Inc. and oversees a global team of technical communicators responsible for developing and deploying content used by over 5,000 software users. MiTek primarily uses targeted help and training videos to educate its user base and, since 2013, MiTek’s customers have accessed their software help through various online Content Management Systems.

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Recorded: 21 June 2021

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And if you want to get a sense of the work Mark's team does, the videos that show customers how to use features on their Support site (not their software) are visible to the public: https://support.mii.com/help/support-site

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