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Arbortext Podcast Archives

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The Arbortext Podcast Archives feature interviews with many different Arbortext community voices.

We created this podcast to capture the spirit of the many Arbortext community members who work to help each other.

The Arbortext Community has a lot of talented developers, integrators, trainers, and customers who work together for the betterment of all. Arbortext community members are quick share their knowledge and experience so others can benefit and grow their capabilities.

Launched in 2010, this podcast has archived interviews of Arbortext community members at all different levels—developers, first time users, experienced integrators, stylesheet professionals, tool masters, and many others.

This podcast is far from the only place that Arbortext community members have shared their experience:

  • The last Arbortext User Group conference in 2004 (before Arbortext was acquired by PTC and the conference integrated into their user conference) had more than 800 attendees

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Podcast Posted: Interview with Michael Hahn, XML and SGML expert

Michael Hahn is the principal at Alphabetical by Author. He has almost twenty years’ experience with markup language (SGML and XML) development and implementation. He has managed analysis session meetings and prepared reports for a wide variety of information types for manufacturers, scientific and professional organizations, commercial publishers, defense contractors,…

Podcast Posted: Simon Taylor, Requirements for Advanced Layout from XML Content

Since Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher (APP) was released as an alternative print composition engine in Arbortext 5.4 (June 2009), we’ve been digging into what it can do and why someone would really need it. In this week’s podcast, we interviewed Simon Taylor from PTC. Simon spends his time “thinking about…

Podcast Posted: Interview with Kevin Dietz, Timpani Software

This week’s podcast features Kevin Dietz from Timpani Software. Timpani Software develops BuildBeat, a comprehensive automated software build management system, and MergeMagician, an automated merging server designed to work with your existing software configuration management (SCM) system. He uses DocBook and XML to automate his publishing. In the interview, Kevin…

Podcast posted: Interview with Chris Western, tformat

This week I interviewed Chris Western from tformat, a PTC partner focused on training and services for the Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher (APP) (formerly known as 3B2). Chris was hired at Advent, the original developers of 3B2 as a writer to document the product and it’s usage. In his tenure,…

Podcast posted: Interview with Chris Makler, Aplia

This week’s podcast features Chris Makler from Aplia. Aplia is part of Cengage Learning. Chris works on a team that has built an interesting application on top of Arbortext Editor. They’re using a lot of different technology to create an educational application for teaching economics. Customization is a tricky subject….

Podcast posted: Interview with Todd Hicks, Wolters Kluwer

This week I interviewed Todd Hicks from Wolters Kluwer.  I’ve been looking forward to this podcast for a long time. Todd Hicks has been an Arbortext community member for a long time. Todd has presented at Arbortext User Group and at PTC/User conferences. He started out supporting a division of…