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The Interplay of UX and Technical Communication

User experience includes every interaction people have with a company and its products…from opening the box to using the product. When using an app to interact with a product, the visual and written content must work together seamlessly to deliver…

Structured and Unstructured Content: Perspectives from a Data Governance/Privacy Analyst

In this presentation, attendees will take a high-level drive through the world of Data Governance from the eyes of a new Data Governance/Privacy Analyst. We’ll review the Data Governance Lifecycle, the three data content stages (structured-unstructured-semi-structured), the four data classifications….

Soft Skills: The Missing Ingredient to Career Success

Content Audits and Chat Bots and IoT, oh my! Tech comm has always been a field in which we plan for output channels that don’t even exist. But it seems like our authoring tools and technology are evolving faster than…

Cognition, Visual Design, and Usability

The design of visuals affects how we use them every day. But what makes some visuals more effective that others? The answer to this question is central to usability across many different technologies – from street signs to computer interfaces….

Our Level Best – Technical Editing

Attend Live Please be aware! This session will not be recorded. Be there or miss out. This is only one of the reasons why you should always attend a TC Dojo live. As technical editors, how do we know where to…

Stretching Your Technical Communication Skills: Moving Beyond Language Barriers

Never underestimate your ability to see the gaps in conversations, hear the confusions, and understand competing goals in the decision-making process. If you’re in the room and being observant, then you can focus on improving the communication and making sure…

Secrets of a gumshoe librarian: Tips for transforming your career and staying relevant

Is your career ready for a makeover? Have you been forced into making a change? Client and employer needs evolve, and we should too. But no one wakes up and just decides to upend their career, because change can be…

Leading a Content Strategy in Small to Medium Enterprises

Convincing the administration in a small-medium business is just as hard as for the bigger businesses. You need a strong case, but how do you get through? You will after this session. You will learn what is the lean approach….