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Vote for TC Dojo Session Topics

Periodically, throughout the year, I look at the TC Dojo survey to see what topics and speakers are most in demand by techcomm professionals. Those topics are used to decide upcoming TC Dojo sessions. In 2018, soft-skills started appearing somewhere in the top 5 most requested topics. This is great…

Same mess, different tools – Liz Fraley on the Content Content Podcast

b Post Summary In her interview, Liz Fraley talks in detail about the history of structured authoring and how her opinions have changed over 17 years in the technical writing industry. Last month I had the opportunity to talk with Ed Marsh of the Content Content podcast. I’ve known Ed…

Will I see you this month? It’s Conference Season 2017!

Conference season 2017 started last month and we’re on the road! In fact, I’m two conferences down with two more to go.  I love to meet people in person and hear their stories. The last couple of years I’ve started to prefer local events and have made it a point of attending…

Do you treat your career like a profession?

b Post Summary There’s only you to hold you accountable, to make sure you meet your business and revenue goals. You can apply the same skills business owners, consultants, and executives use to advance their business to advance your career. Do you treat your career like a profession or do…

Top Authors and Books from My 2016 Reading Challenge

In 2016, I wrote 3 books and read 237. I haven’t decided whether reading that many books in one year is good or bad. There are some that I don’t really remember reading. I look at the titles or read 5-10 pages and think to myself, “it feels like I…

How many books did you read last year?

Late last year, I saw an article in the Atlantic that talked about the Decline of the American Book Lover. The Pew Research Center reported last week that nearly a quarter of American adults had not read a single book in the past year. As in, they hadn’t cracked a paperback, fired…

Want to see what kind of software docs engineers celebrate?

I see posts on LinkedIn all the time about training in writing API docs or how best to document software systems. Here in Silicon Valley, it’s the hottest sub-discipline in techcomm. In fact, API docs are so popular, they have an API Docs training class on the day before TC Camp in…

What is the best for DITA authoring and publishing tool?

I see this question posted all the time – in newsgroups, in blog comments, in LinkedIn groups. Posting this kind of question will get you one of three classes of answer. And every time, the answers posted are wrong. Most answers come from vendors posting about the tools they represent. It’s what…