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A perennial question in the technical communication community is how to justify our work in financial terms that management will understand. One partial answer is to consider potential consequences of putting insufficient resources into technical documentation. What happens if the material is poorly written, or not written at all? Consequences can range from unhappy customers to wasted employee time to debilitating lawsuits—and worse. Joseph Devney uses statistics and real-life examples to illustrate some of the risks of having inadequate documentation.

Visiting Dojo Expert

Joseph Devney, M.A., is an STC Fellow and president of the Berkeley chapter. He has seen his share of bad documentation, and done his best to improve it. Joe has been a guest speaker at several STC chapters and for other organizations, and taught document design at San Francisco State University

Watch the Videos

Part 1: Risks and Consequences

Recorded: November 2014

Part 2: Stories and Examples

Recorded: May 2015

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