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Common Questions: Source Control

This week’s topic: Source Control Source Control is a big topic. To date, the best article I’ve ever read on branching strategy was a best practices article by Perforce (circa 2003). Today, we’re not talking about that, we’re talking about all the features source control supported in Arbortext Content Manager…

Common Questions: Change Markup

This week’s topic: Change Tracking & Change Markup Change markup has historically been something that you had to implement yourself in XML publishing. Arbortext supports typical change markup behavior in the standard document types, and with a small amount of configuration for custom doctypes. All of the standard change markup…

Common Questions: Bursting

This week’s topic: Bursting We start talking about something we call “bursting” when we get questions like the following: Can a writer or translator work just on paragraph chunks while an editor can see entire sections? This question is nearly always followed by this question: Can this level of granularity be…

Common Questions: Arbortext Content Manager (Windchill)

This week’s topic: Arbortext Content Manager Today, we’re answering some of the more common and general questions about Arbortext Content Manager (ACM). When it comes to DITA, the need for component content management comes sooner rather than later. It’s very easy to get hundreds and thousands of topics very quickly….

Common Questions: XML and Standards Support

This week’s topic: XML and Standards support in Arbortext With the most recent release of Arbortext there’s a lot to talk about with respect to standards and XML technology support in Arbortext. Arbortext has been part of the W3C since the early 1990s and still maintains seats on nearly XML-related…

What is the DITA Resource Manager?

by Karie Arbortext Editor has direct, built-in access to Arbortext Content Manager (Windchill) through the Object Browser and the Resource Manager. The Resource Manager makes reusing content objects more efficient for DITA writers. The Resource Manager is a dockable window that acts as a central location for finding data to be…

Common Questions: Language Support in Arbortext

This week’s topic: Language support in ArbortextXML publishing systems makes translation less expensive all-around. The biggest cost of translating content produced in traditional tools is the DTP that must be done on the content once it’s been translated. Some languages switch orientation (R to L rather than L to R);…

How do I reuse content stored in Windchill?

by Karie One of the many advantages of storing content in XML is the ability to reuse it. The best way to ensure proper reuse is to store XML content in a component content management system like Arbortext Content Manager (aka Windchill).Arbortext Content Manager is completely integrated with Arbortext Editor…